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Three-Part PQI Recorded Webinar Series

DescriptionWe are pleased to make this complimentary recorded version of the Three-Part PQI Webinar Series available. This recorded webinar series takes an in-depth look at the Performance and Quality Improvement Standards for Private, Public and Canadian organizations. It will provide details on what COA’s Commissioners and Peer Reviewers are looking for as evidence of Implementation and how best to navigate problematic areas. Please note: this is a recording of a live webinar series that occurred in 2017. The curriculum is still up to date, but please understand we couldn’t edit out all the unique moments that occurred such as a brief fire alarm without compromising the content. You will receive one confirmation email with access to all three parts.


Standards EditionPrivate; Public; Canadian
Training TypeSelf-Paced
Accreditation Process StageSelf-Study; Site Visit; Pre-Comission; Commission; Maintenance of Accreditation
Intended AudienceAccreditation Coordinator; Program Director; Quality Improvement Director; CEO
Estimated Length4 Hours
Available Spots 6,960  /  7,000
Waitlisted 0
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